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First Grade Curriculum:


Reading: Phonics Museum


A phonics program that incorporates over 30 real books with excellent content. Learning to read is a crucial time in a child’s life. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is the time to develop the student’s love of reading for the rest of his life. With the Veritas Press Phonics Museum, students begin this journey with memorable books.  Join Percival, a boy knight, as he takes children through an art museum, learning letters and sounds along the way. Your child will want to keep learning as they set out on this adventure. Using classical, time-proven methods, your child will learn to love reading.


Grammar: Shurley English Level 1


The most astounding and effective grammar program available. The children learn jingles to memorize the parts of speech, enabling and encouraging them to chant till they start dreaming grammar lessons.


Bible: Stories of the Bible


What better way to enjoy and have children become familiar with God`s work. These hand-picked titles from two different series will give much enjoyment while familiarizing young ones with God`s Word. This collection includes: Birth of Jesus: The Promised Child, Jesus: The Child, Jesus is Alive: The Amazing Story, John: The Baptist, Mary: Mother of Jesus, Saul: Miracle on the Road, Paul: Journeys of Adventure, Peter: The Apostle, Jesus: The Healer, Jesus: The Savior


Math: Saxon 2


The friendliest and most thorough math program, Saxon, with its ``incremental approach`` will allow any student to master the grammar of math easily.  This program will slowly build upon previously learned concepts and increase retention. Math 2 covers working with larger numbers, geometric shapes, Venn diagrams, graphs, basic calculations, simple fractions, and multi-step problems.


Science: Usborne Complete First Book of Nature


Beautifully detailed, informative illustrations introduce the world of nature-- Simple text encourages young children to read for themselves as they engage in interactive, hands-on learning about the world around


Geography:  1. States & Capitals Songs CD  2.  Legends & Leagues Storybook


1. This thirty–four track CD and companion book take advantage of children’s natural aptitude for learning through exposure to music. By singing the songs while reading the lyrics, children can easily learn the names and location of all fifty states as well as their capital cities.    

2. Join Mr. Longitude and Mr. Latitude as they help the disoriented Elmo Tardy discover geography! Students will learn concepts about maps, points on the compass, and much more alongside Elmo.


History: Bede’s History of the US


This is a fun activity book for 1st-grade students in which an adorable yarn timeline named Bede rolls through, teaching about family trees, national holidays, art, toys, George Washington, and more! Bede’s History Series lays some basic groundwork for the students to prepare them for later years of history study.



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